Fit & forget with Sureseal, a maintenance free shower seal - Sureseal provides even greater sealing performance for our panels with its fully enclosed sealant line and 4 points of seal. The neat trim capping not only provides an aesthetically pleasing seal at the base of the shower panel but adds two points of further sealing to the wall panelling system for a watertight finish.

Easy Fit                             Water Tight                           Quick Drying

4 Point Sealing System
No Unsightly Sealant Lines
Entire Base Of Panel Encapsulated In Sealant
Designed So That Silicone Is Not Exposed When Installed
Fit & Forget - No Further Resealing Required
Attractive, Durable & Hygienic Finish
Flush Fitting With A Quick & easy Install

Individual Strip Dimension

2450mm Long Sureseal Profile

Strip Size
The price shown is for a pack of 1 that will cover 2450mm of surface length

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