End Cap | 8mm Trim



This squared finish trim is designed to go anywhere a wall panel is ending, this trim is ideal to create that final finish.Suitable for capping off a panel where a panel ends half way along a wall, also for if you are placing panels on a ceiling. Slot the panels into this trim to secure and finish. This trim is the ultimate finish to capping a wall panel.

8mm Depth End Cap Trim

Easy Fit                            Water Tight                            Quick Drying

8mm Trim To Cap Edge Of A Wall Panel
Panels Slot Into Trim To Provide A Neat Finish
Trim To Join Panels Together

Available In Silver, White & Black
Approx 10mm Face Of Trim Visible When In Situ
Material - PVC
Flush Fitting - Panels Slot In To Provide Neat Finish

Select The Colour You Require

8mm Trim Dimension
2.6m Long

Trim Pack Size
The price shown is for a pack of 1 that will cover 2.4m of surface length

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