Cladseal Strip Sealux | Universal Fit Trim


This White Cladseal Profile Is For A Water Tight Seal Around Your Bath Or Shower. The cladseal gets installed on the bath or shower tray first and then the Shower Panels get installed on top of the trim to create a water tight finish.

Easy Fit   Water Tight    Quick Drying    10 Year Guarantee

Designed So That Silicone Is Not Exposed When Installed
Attractive, Durable & Hygienic Finish
Material - PVC
Flush Fitting 

Individual End Caps Can Also Be Purchased

Individual Strip Dimension

- 1.8m Long Cladseal Profile
17mm Wide (Where the panel sits on the trim the width is 15mm wide)

Strip Size
The price shown is for a pack of 1 that will cover 1.8m of surface length

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