There are many advantages of using wall panelling in comparison to the method of tiling that makes panelling a great candidate when renovating your bathroom. Wall panels although the appearance does not seem plastic they are in fact made from PVC which is characteristically hard wearing and unlike tiles will not break or crack on impact, they are robust and flexible which makes for easy fit, maintain and recognisably easier to clean! One of the main benefits panelling brings is no grout needed, consequently there is nowhere for mould to grow, grime to congregate and germs to breed making it extraordinarily hygienic and the more cleaner looking choice.

Due to all of our wall panel’s material they have a wipe clean surface that helps to retain it’s hygienic and fresh look throughout the 10 years guarantee that our panels have.

To avoid an accumulation of dirt and grime in a bathroom or kitchen area one method is to ensure that surfaces are easy to wipe down and have very few hiding places for germs to attach themselves to. Our panel surfaces are resilient to bacterial growth and consequently make the ultimate choice to fight any hygiene concerns. Smooth surfaces are much easier to clean therefore making panelling more hygienic when putting it in the kitchen and bathroom as oppose to more traditional surfaces such as tiling and painted plasterwork.



  • Non-Abrasive Cloth Preferably A Microfibre Cloth
  • Warm Water
  • Soapy Water

A thorough cleaning is recommended weekly. When you begin to clean the PVC panelling can be wiped clean using the warm soapy water easily as there are no uneven surfaces or edges (our panels are flush fitting). It is good habit to cover as much of the area as you can. Allow time for the water to soak into any marks or stains on the panels (allow 2-3 minutes) then begin to remove the soap with fresh warm water. Once you have completed this process dry your panel(s) with a dry microfibre cloth to give a non-streak finish. There is no grout subsequently known to be a magnet for dirt, mould and bacteria. Warning – do not bleach or use abrasive cleaning products on the panels, as this will damage the panels over time, all they need is warm soapy water to be maintained and cleaned thoroughly.

When you put together all of the benefits of wall panelling – easy installation, easy clean, sterile/hygienic, long lasting and hard wearing, fire retardant, eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing you can create your ideal living areas whether that be in the bathroom/wet room, kitchen or feature wall.

Follow our step-by-step guide below on how to properly clean and look after your PVC wall panels...