How To Fit A Shower Panel


Measure the height and width of the area where you intend to fit the panels.



Transfer the measurements to the panel(s) and mark the cut line. Always cut the panel face up. Cut the panel with a fine toothed saw, a PVC panel cuts easily making it a swift process. After cutting it is advisable to run some sandpaper along the cut to remove any excess and to ensure a smooth finish.



If fitting to a corner start by fixing an internal corner trim. This trim will give a clean waterproof join with minimal effort. Fix the trim with adhesive, sealant or fixings depending on your wall covering.


Fitting to Tiles

Apply adhesive or sealant to the rear of the panel using a zig zag pattern with a bead of approximately 10mm. The amount of adhesive you apply will depend on how flat your wall is.

Fitting to plasterboard or timber

You can use adhesive/sealant or pins/staples depending on preference
Place a fine bead of sealant to the edge that you intend to fit into the internal corner trim. Position the bottom corner of the panel into the trim from an angle that allows positioning without touching the wall. Push the remainder of the panel edge into the trim ensuring a good fit. Then, with an even motion push the panel to the wall. Check for level and if correct apply firm pressure to bond the panel to the wall.
Repeat the process with the remaining panel(s) ensuring the panel is true and has a good fit before applying pressure.