H Joining Trim



This H joining trim can be used to join two different boards together or to create an interior design aspect to the overall visual when applying panels to walls, you can use and stager as you please with this trim.

Available As 5mm, 8mm & 10mm Depth

Easy Fit                            Water Tight                            Quick Drying

Panels Slot Into Trim To Provide A Neat Finish
Trim To Join Panels Together

Available In Silver, White & Black
Approx 10mm Face Of Trim Visible When In Situ
Material - PVC
Flush Fitting - Panels Slot In To Provide Neat Finish

Select Size & Colour You Require
5mm and 8mm are 2.6m Long, 10mm is 2.4m Long

5mm & 8mm Trim Dimensions
2.6m Long

10mm Trim Dimension
2.4m Long

Trim Pack Size
The price shown is for a pack of 1 that will cover 2.6m or 2.4m of surface length (depending upon trim depth chosen)

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