Ordering Your Wall Panels | The Ultimate Checklist

January 27, 2021

Ordering Your Wall Panels | The Ultimate Checklist

If you are looking to get wall panels for a room in your home it can seem like a daunting task. We have built this small simple checklist to ensure you can understand what you need, how many you need, and even if its a suitable option. This is perfect for those who have just recently been introduced to wall panels. 

Work out if Panels are Suitable For Your room |

The first Quick Question you need to ask is. are panels suitable for your walls? Our waterproof high-quality panels can be used in every room in the house and can be applied to multiple different surfaces 


YES ✔️ |

  • Any interior Room in the house 
  •  Can be installed over Plaster Board, Old Tiles or even old wall panels just note if your old tiles a cracked or seriously damage we recommend fixing the issue or plastering the wall before fitting the panels. this ensures you don have any leaks. 
  • suitable for garages too. All Our wall panels are not only waterproof they are robust too. Great at taking knocks and bangs and you can be sure they will last. 

NO❌ |

  • Outdoors, unfortunately none of our panels are suitable for out doors. 
  • Behind fires and log-burners. Due to the intense heat from the likes of log-burners you cannot install wall panels directly behind. You CAN however install them behind radiators and other conventional heating equipment 


Measure The Wall You intend to panel |

Once you have figured out if Panels are a suitable Option you will now need to measure the area you wish to panel. You will need to do this to work out how many panels are required for your project. It is important to bear in mind that some of our panels are different size so always keep your wall measurements handy while browsing for panels.  

Measuring For Wall Panels |

To measure for wall panels the first thing you need to do is work out the width and height of each wall that you are paneling. 



Finding the size of the panels |

You can find the size of the wall panels you have chosen in the description of the product. this is shown for every panel on our website. 

We will discuss further down in the blog how you use these measurements to work out how many panels you need. You must do this once you know which panels you want as all panels are different sizes. 


Choose a Panel Width |

You now need to work out what width of wall panels you would like. Our two main wall panel sizes are either 250mm wide or 1m wide. 1m wide panels are know as shower panels and these are good for you guessed it Showers! 

Shower Panels offer an amazing alternative to traditional tiling with all the benefits of modern panels. There is no grout to clean, fully waterproof and a fast installation. These wide robust shower panels are great for going behind your bath or around your shower. We have a link below to take you directly to shower panels if that's what you are after



Choose a Design |

Pick a design and a style - this part is purely personal preference, everyones interior style and taste is different but with our wide range of collections from tile effect panels to wood effect panels, we are sure that we will have a panel for everyone.


Can't Decide? Order Free Samples | 

There is no denying with such a wide range of panels to choose from your going to end up with a few choices. That's why we offer a free sample service! Once you have your chosen panel(s) you will see the option for the sample just under the product title. Simply click on the 'sample' button and 'add to cart'.



How Many Panels Do I need? 

Now that you know which panel you want you will need to work out how many wall panels you need. 

To do this grab the details you worked out further up in this blog and apply them to the formula below. 

Assuming your ceiling is no bigger higher than the panel (he average ceiling height in the UK is 2400mm):

Divide the length of the wall Wall by the width of your chosen panel, so in this example our panel is 250 wide so in this instance it would be 2000 / 250 = 8 panels. 

Don't Forget your Trims and Adhesives!

We have outlined below everything you need to know when it comes to choosing trims and adhesives to ensure a tidy finish that is fully watertight. 

Trims |

We have various trims available, all available in different colours to choose from, perfect for finishing off your wall paneling installation. From external & internal corners, H join, end caps and quadrant trims - available in silver, white & black. Our trims also come in two different materials these are PVC and aluminium. The trims are easy to cut to length and mitre accordingly to your project. If you need help to work out what trims you need, as all rooms a different feel free to get in touch. You can browse all of our trims below...




Adhesives |

This will depend on what type of panels you have purchased. We have provided the main options below with links to the relevant products. 




Fitting around a shower? 

If you are fitting around a shower or bath tray we always recommend you use a  Cladseal Strip Sealux Trim. This trim ensure's a perfect seal around your shower tray or bath that is a fully water tight and neat finish and seal. The cladseal strip sits on top of the shower tray or above the bath, the panel then gets installed on top of the trim. This trim has been uniquely designed so that it is fully water tight and so that no silicone is showing which can attract mould over time. Alternatively you can seal the panel using silicone.


Happy With Your Selection? Now you are ready to order your Panels | 

If you are happy with the samples you have received and you have chosen you panels you would like to install in your project, you are now ready to order. You can order Online in store or over the phone. Visit Our Stores Page here. 

You are now finished! 

This blog has aimed to give you everything you need to to begin installing panels, of course this still can seem like a daunting task, that is why we are available on live chat and over the phone. Just visit our contact page here.