Is Cladding More Hygienic Than Traditional Bathroom Tiles?

April 27, 2016

Is Cladding More Hygienic Than Traditional Bathroom Tiles?-Decor Walls & Flooring

Bathrooms and kitchens whether commercial or personal need to be kept in a hygienic state. We have all seen the adverts for cleaning products that kill these germs that lurk around our home and the amount of germs breeding every second. Unhygienic kitchens and bathrooms really are a breeding ground for bacteria and worse, disease. Luckily if you only run a private home you are not going to get a visit from an environmental health inspector! however you most likely have your own inspectors in your family and friends! so whilst it is important to keep your own kitchen and bathroom clean and as germ free as possible, imagine how essential it is if you are operating a commercial premises. That’s why many commercial premises such as hotels, nursing homes, pubs, beauty rooms and spas are turning to kitchen and bathroom cladding to replace traditional tiles.

Hygiene is absolutely essential in commercial premises and they need a strict cleaning regime in order to avoid bacteria build up in the nooks and crevices. If we visited a spa and found mouldy tiles in the bathroom, wouldn’t we immediately think the whole establishment wasn’t clean? One way to avoid a build-up of dirt and grime in a bathroom or kitchen is to make sure surfaces are easy to wipe down have few or no hiding places for germs. The cladding surfaces are resistant to bacterial growth and hence make the ideal choice to combat any hygiene worries. Smooth surfaces are far easier to disinfect and clean, which is why wall and ceiling cladding are more hygienic in the kitchen and bathroom than more traditional surfaces such as ceramic tiles and painted plasterwork.

Impact Resistant

Plastered walls, tiles and wooden panelling are susceptible to damage from utensils, machinery, tools and furniture. It doesn’t take much to leave a dent in a plaster surface or a wood panel or to crack a tile. All these things can create a hive for grime and of course will need repairing as soon as possible. Wall and ceiling cladding are resistant to any type of impact as the material is extremely hard wearing, one less thing to worry about and one less hiding place!

Smooth Operation

PVC cladding surfaces can be bleached and wiped simply and easily as there is no uneven surface or edges. With wall and ceiling cladding there is also no grout which is a well-known magnet for dirt, mould and bacteria.

You put all these factors together to make your own conclusion whether bathroom and kitchen cladding is more hygienic than traditional tiles.