How to upgrade your bathroom with PVC sparkle cladding

March 30, 2016

How to upgrade your bathroom with PVC sparkle cladding-Decor Walls & Flooring

1. If you have a coloured suite, it really is time for it to go, unless you love the retro look. Most homebuyers preferred choice is white because it gives a clean, bright and space-enhancing look. If you marry a white suite with something such as PVC sparkle cladding you can create a beautiful space in a very short space of time, with little upkeep. 

2. Plan, plan and plan some more. Planning your bathroom layout is a must. Look at the options and consider what works for you and your family. If it works for you as it is then there is no need to change the layout as re-plumbing a bathroom is the most expensive thing you can do.

That said, if the layout doesn't work for you, then work with a skilled, experienced plumber or bathroom fitter to look at how it can be redesigned. If you are considering moving the bathroom to another room then an experienced plumber will be able to advise on waste and drainage.

Do try and stick to the rule of changing as little as possible. Your biggest impact will be the wall covering. The difference that can make is huge.

3. Small bathrooms can be made to look bigger with the right colours and textures. Consider who will be using the room and how often and the type of look you want to create. Avoid replacing a bath with just a shower, even if you rarely take a bath yourself. A change like this has the potential to impact any future sale price. Consider using PVC white sparkle cladding or such like to create a shiny light look in your bathroom. Although it may be tempting to use a PVC black sparkle it could make your space look smaller. Small rooms need brighter walls! 

4. Consider all types of bath tub. Choosing the right bath tub is an important decision, consider what you will make most use of. There are a number of great spa tubs available so you can get the benefit of a spa treatment in the comfort of your own home. Creating a spa feeling in your bathroom can really change this space, consider PVC platinum sparkle for the walls and consider PVC white ash for the ceiling, it looks fantastic. PVC cladding is cheaper than tiles, easier to install, is less to maintain and has a longer lifecycle due to its ease to clean and no mouldy grout. 

5. Install a power shower to add value. Power showers are a must, consider choosing one with an adjustable head so you can change the pressure and shower experience. A good power shower can positively affect any future sale price. You may want to consider PVC sparkle cladding for your shower enclosure to avoid mould build up and ease of cleaning. PVC cladding doesn’t show wear and tear like traditional tiles and therefore can look as good as new for many years, again this can affect any sale price positively. 

6. 'His and hers' double vanity basins are fantastic, if you have the space. They can be a real selling point as they are a much sought after bathroom feature. Think about the look and practicalities before you choose the design. 

7. Bathroom fittings can make all the difference. Chrome is very popular in modern bathrooms, with good fittings and good quality PVC cladding you can really transform even the most basic of bathroom suites. Your strategy might be to save money on the suite, but finish it with high quality fixtures and decoration. 

8. Wet room? Fantastic idea! Cladding is perfect for wet-rooms which are all the rage right now. Its also a perfect way to add real value to your home.