How to Transform your Bathroom with a Luxury Makeover - That won't Break the Bank

March 11, 2016


How many times have you stayed in a hotel and marvelled at the swish bathroom, or, have you ever visited a spa and envied the stunning tiling that surrounds you? Most people can only dream of such luxury but now it can be a reality and for far less than you would imagine. You’ll feel so much more pampered at home if your bathroom has been kitted out - wall to wall with a designer makeover. Well stop dreaming, we can show you how to get the designer look on a budget that will result in the most amazing bathroom you could ever wish for.

Think Cladding - not tiles! 

Still not convinced? If we told you that you can get the luxury tiled look that our Cladding solutions can give you, for a fraction of the cost of sourcing tiles and then cutting, cementing and grouting wouldn’t that be worth considering? Our Cladding solutions cost a fraction in comparison to luxury tiles but will still give you the desired hotel/spa look that can be done in half the time of tiling and with no cementing and grouting required. By using our high quality, specialist cladding you can achieve whatever look you desire, be it sleek and sexy black, sophisticated marble, spring fresh pastels or any theme you have in mind, our Cladding will give you the designer look on a budget.

Transform your floor

Laying tiles on your bathroom floor can be a tricky operation, especially with all the preparation required to get started. Using our quality waterproof flooring you can achieve the designer floor that you want with the varied range of classic wooden look flooring we offer which is waterproof and has all durability of lino without the dated look. We have many quality products for you to choose from natural oak to walnut, so you can create a sophisticated, contemporary bathroom to enjoy your ‘me’ time more, you deserve it!

Crown it all off with the ultimate ceiling.

Let’s be honest, you’ve filled the bath, bubbles, book, maybe a glass of wine and your favourite music in the background, as you sink in and relax what does your ceiling look like as you soak? It’s absolutely essential that you finish what you started! With our cladding solutions you can have panels on your ceiling, use contrasting colours or go the same throughout, or you can use a border to create a break, wherever you want, just let your imagination go wild as there are many options to choose from. Once completed your bathroom you’ll be delighted with your luxury makeover and your guests are sure to be in awe, just don’t tell them how little it cost because it will spoil the illusion!