Can Your Bathroom Really Be A DIY Project?

January 15, 2021

Can Your Bathroom Really Be A DIY Project?-Decor Walls & Flooring

Is your bathroom looking tired? Is the grout grubby? Is the ceiling looking less than attractive and the floor uninspiring? You can change all of this as a DIY project at a price you simply won’t believe. Really. Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your house so surely its worth making it special? And if you’re looking to sell your house, here’s how to add thousands in value for hundreds in cost!

Decor Walls & Flooring offers a genuine alternative to ceramic tiles with our unique range of PVC wall panels and one that is within the reach of the average DIY enthusiast. It is easy to install, can transform a bathroom in a day and comes at a price that will astound you. Can you realistically transform your wilting bathroom into a gorgeous, warm and inviting room without calling in a fitter? Yes, you can and here’s how:

Let’s start with the walls including the shower walls. Every one of our panels, of which we have an enormous range, is suitable for any part of your bathroom, from in the shower itself to the rest of the walls. They are 100% waterproof and are designed especially for wet and damp environments.

The panels come in a huge variety of sizes and types that our exert staff will guide you through. Alongside the traditional sparkles or plain finishes there are now marble, wood, high resolution print and textured stone finishes. Where there were once just flat shiny panels there are now gloss, matt and textured panels. The choice is simply enormous and at the Decor Cladding Centre, we pride ourselves in having the largest range in the UK and we are constantly developing new and inspirational designs.

All the wall panels share one thing; they are easy to fit. They all have a simple tongue and groove interlocking mechanism so that when installed onto walls they simply need an adhesive and to be shaped then slotted together. The T&G interlocking system provides a flush finish that is 100% watertight, simply apply a bead of silicone inside the groove on installation when installing in wetrooms, shower & bath areas. They can be placed over existing tiles, so there is no need to chip off the existing tiles and re-skim! The panels can be cut using a small fine-toothed saw and for all the corners or joins we offer a huge range of trims that finish the joint off perfectly and can easily hide the odd cut that isn’t perfect! You can watch our videos to give you the guidance you need and our staff are there at any point in your project to offer assistance or guidance.

Fitting the ceiling panels follows the same principles but as the panels are hanging down we recommend that on the tongue you staple, nail or screw at metre intervals. There are a wide range of ceiling panels, including wood effect white panels that can look amazing, (the editors choice!) so you can contrast nicely against the wall panel.

Finally, the floor. Yes, there’s cheap vinyl or at the other end of the scale expensive ceramic tiles. But we have a better solution. Our click-lock luxury vinyl tiles are perfect, with a range of stone and wood finishes that look amazing. The click-lock tiles require no adhesive or underlay, just a flat surface on which to place them. Our tiles are textured to perfectly replicate either wood or stone but are warm and snuggly underfoot! Simply cut to shape and place. With a class-leading 0.5mm wear layer these tiles are guaranteed for 25 years. Waterproof, long lasting and slip proof these tiles are just perfect.

So, can you transform your existing bathroom over a long weekend? The answer is yes. A gorgeous, clean, easy to maintain and long lasting finish throughout is easily within reach. There is nothing that will transform your house as simply, cheaply and easily as a bathroom transformation with the Decor Cladding Centre. Check out the website or call our friendly and experienced staff and let’s just do it!