Benefits Of SPC Flooring

February 09, 2021

Benefits Of SPC Flooring

Interested In Our SPC Flooring Range? 

If you are interested in our flooring but still unsure about whether it's for you, you've come to the right place. In this blog we are going to outline some key benefits of the SPC flooring range including features durability and installation. 


It's completely Waterproof |

That's right if you install using the guide provided you can ensure a completely waterproof finish, unlike hardwood or vinyl which can swell and leak the hardcore properties of SPC flooring ensure the surface is watertight and that no water can get underneath. This makes SPC perfect for bathrooms laundry rooms and pretty much any room in the home. the waterproof quality also makes this board more stable in environments where moisture and temperature can change.


Fully integrated pre-attached underlay |

All our flooring comes with a fully integrated thick underlay to give you the best comfort possible. The underlay is already preinstalled on the flooring allowing for an effortless install. Because of this material, it means the flooring can be installed on old flooring and much more. Because of the layers used it also makes the floor quieter to walk on


High-Quality Robust Flooring |

Because of the dense manufacturing quality and absorbent underlay. Our SPC flooring is very resistant to impacts stains scratches and general wear and tear. Maintenance only consists of vacuuming and occasional mopping. Making it great for most home environments and if you have children and pets. Furthermore our flooring comes with a 20 year domestic guarantee and a 5 years light commercial guarantee. 


Style |

The manufacturing materials and process allow for many different styles and types from wood effect to tile effect we are sure we will have something you like within our flooring collections. And if you're still not sure we also offer free samples on all our products.


Easy Install |

Our SPC flooring is a breeze to install. In many cases, it can be installed on top of old flooring, All our flooring packs come with a quick start guide to ensure you or your fitter can install the floor correctly to give the ultimate finish.

Shop now |

If you think SPC Flooring could be for your home, head over to our collection page Here to find your perfect style. We have many styles available and with free samples we are sure you'll find something you love.