10 Reasons why you Should Seriously Consider Interior Cladding (Infographic)

February 26, 2019


The days of only covering your walls with paint or wall paper are over. Here are 10 reasons why you should seriously consider interior cladding over more traditional decorating methods.


10 Reasons Why You Should Seriously Consider Interior Cladding -

  • Universal Design – You can fit the wall panels horizontally or vertically, or at any other angle for that manner. No joining up edges to make sure the pattern fits, you can mix and match and every design is bespoke.
  • Durability – These will look as fresh as the day you bought them, always. Stain and scratch proof and fully water resistant they are tough enough to deal with serious commercial usage meaning that domestic use will see the panels last and last.
  • Easy to Install – They are lightweight and come in manageable lengths. You don’t need any special tools to install them.
  • Huge variety of styles – This lighter, easier to clean and easier to fit alternative to tiles also come in great ranges of colours and styles. One of the best features about interior cladding is that you can mix and match the ranges to come up unique styles to suite your interiors.
  • Less Work – They wipe clean. Yes, just warm water and a bit of washing up liquid and they will look good as new every single day, no matter what you throw at them!
  • Insulation – Yes, they will also help to add an extra layer of warmth to which ever room you choose to fit them in. Especially helpful in bathrooms in winter!!
  • Flame resistant – All of our interior cladding products come with Class 1 Fire certificates, no matter what the finish or design.
  • Water resistant – So important in a bathroom, install interior cladding and forget about problems with damp and mildew on your walls and ceilings.
  • Limitless - Interior cladding is widely used in all types of interior spaces. Any room in your house can benefit but also office space, shops, spas and salons, bars and showrooms. The application of this product really is limitless!